Sunday, September 23, 2012


Hey ho, it's been awhile!

Well, let's just start recapping..

Sunday, September 16, 2012

That sunday i think i woke up probably at 11AM, I usually check for my phones first when i wake up, because of my blunder habit, put my phones next to me while i'm sleeping. i know it's stupid. Moving on, i checked then i found one new message from Ete (my bestfriend's mother), she said to me to come to her house to give surprise for Bunga, well i replied yes literally at that time.
Then i came to their house at 10 if i'm not mistaken, we ate, talked, laughed. Then until near 12PM, Ete text me to come to the kitchen, i had no idea what was the plan, well it turned out to be a little surprise for Bunga, Ete had already prepared a tiny yummy cake for her, the funny thing is the candle, the candle shaped a dick (sorry for the inconvenient word). Well wait until 12AM, we walked to Bunga while was that we were singing happy birthday song.

And this is Bunga Karina,

Monday, 17 September, 2012

On monday, i had plan to meet Roddie and Je at cilandak townsquare. Honestly, i didn't have any business to see them, i just wanted to volunteer myself to jazz up their meeting. ha ha. Apparently, the purpose of their meeting was to talk about a surprise that Je made for Rahmi. She made a cool scrapbook, and a game like amazing race. Well, i gotta stop this story about rahmi, cause it continue with the last story.

Oh yea, i almost forgot, Je surprisingly brought me something. She gave me a band figure from kid robot's brand. And what i got is Russel from one of my favorite band Gorillaz, and last thing that cool is, that this toy is in mint condition!! Woohooo! Big thanks to you Je!!

Later at that day, i arranged a surprise party for my bestfriend from high school, Icang, yea that his name but not his real name. Her girlfriend (Tria) asked me to help her made a surprise for him, because she is living in Milan now. Thank God with the cooperation with my friends Gazper VII, the surprise was quite succeeded and Tria also joined the surprise by using skype, even though i almost made Icang felt quite curious because of my attitude. hahah. Well, i can't help about it, frankly, lying it is one of lack of self of that i'm really bad at. hahaha

The couple, Tria & and Icang

The whole surprise team and Icang

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Let's just make this story quick, feeling kind of too much writing. hahah
Okay, the last point that Rahmi had to go from the "amazing race" was Qmeals (Restaurant and bar in ciumbuleuit, Bandung), after Rodi and Rahmi arrived, one by one came, i guess it's about 15 came from our circle, it was a great party, joke and laughed was in the air, and rahmi was really happy at that day, she said this often blithely "I smell something fishy"! ha ha

The scrapbook, made by Je

And that's some stories about true friendship...

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