Monday, September 10, 2012

by cover, we judge...

These photos was taken when i was searching for a public transportation to go home in Tanjung Barat, if i'm not mistaken, it was about at 2 am. I wanna share a little, that night was quite windy and hideous back there, so i lighted my cigarette and put my earphone on hahah x). I went up the stairs, and suddenly i was taken aback, because there was a man who was sitting on one of the level. At that moment i was acceptance if i had to fight. So I continued walking leads to him. Finally i walked right beside him, then he called me and said "bang boleh, minta rokok ngga?". That's it!?, that's just it!? (I asked to myself). I had a negative thought but the reality he didn't even trying to do anything violence.
Who knows that he is just a homeless guy who was just intended for a cigarette, right??

I feel kind of ashamed of myself. But still, i cannot live my life without supervision.

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